Deleting a replicate group

I intended to replicate a single item in a group but instead replicated the group instead. Trying to delete the individual items deleted them from both the original as well as the replicate. Is there an easy way to correct that kind of mistake? I did find a work around but am I missing something?

Deleting a single replicate should only delete that instance, unless you select the option to delete all instances.

If you replicate a group, it’s safe to simply delete the replicated group if it’s no longer needed. But again, don’t select the option to delete all instances unless you mean it.

Two things I need clarification. First, where do I select the option to delete or not to delete all instances? For example, I selected an item in the replicated group and clicked on the delete button in the tool bar. Up came a dialog box warning that I should not delete if I did not want to lose both instances. The only choice of buttons however were “delete” or “cancel”. If I clicked delete both the item in my replicate group as well as the same item in the original group was gone. The choice of cancel did not delete either.

Secondly, within the group were some items that had been already individually replicated and some not. I understand, or at least I thought I did, that deleting a replicated item would or could delete all instances. But when I tried deleting an item which had not been individually replicated, both items were gone also.

After seeing the behavior described I did not want to risk trying to delete the entire replicated group. But is that what I should have done? I solved the problem by moving the items out of the replicated group, deleting the empty group and then deleting each individual item that I had moved.

That’s correct. Deleting a replicated group just removes the additional instance.