Deleting database does not delete storage on IOS 9.3

First off, solid work on the DTTG. I am thrilled that I now have cloud access to DT without relying on a third party to host my data.

I synced a couple of large databases to DTTG yesterday and the proceeded to delete them from DTTG. However, the memory was not released in IOS. See attached screenshots which show my storage (DTTG is using several GB) and DTTG which do not have any databases (since I deleted them).


That’s correct. Databases you delete are immediately ‘moved out of sight’ but are deleted slowly in the background as removing items from the SQLite FTS5 full text index requires time. We don’t want you to wait minutes and minutes just to delete a database.

I deleted a +/- 700 mb DB off my iPhone, for a variety reasons - with my wanting to then sync that same DB back again (with different sync settings).

It’s been more than an hour now, and under the direct connection page, I still cannot toggle the DB, since it still says “Being Deleted”…

Any idea how long this should take? And anything that can be done to speed it up?

Resetting the Phone, closing/re-opening DTPO does nothing.

I have no clue what a SQLite FTS5 full text index is, or where it fits in to relation to the above, but would be appreciate of some ballpark time frame.