Deleting Database


How can i delete an empty database form Devonthink Pro Office? Can i move databases to a specific directory? Stays the link intact?

Bob Vos

  1. Look under the DT Pro/Office File menu for the command to create a new database. You will be prompted to name the new database and to choose the location to which it will be saved (usually, the Documents folder, or a user-created folder within the Documents folder).

  2. You may change the location of an existing database file (DT Pro and DT Pro Office), or rename the database file (but keep the .dtBase2 extension in the filename!). This is done in the Finder. CAUTION: Always properly close the database first, preferably by quitting DT Pro/Office.

(Also: before making a Finder copy of a database, Quit the DT application to make certain the database was properly closed, otherwise the copy might be incomplete or damaged.)

If you have moved or renamed a database file in the Finder, you should clear DEVONthink’s memory of its previous location or name. In DT Pro/Office choose File > Open Recent Database > Clear Menu.

NOTE: By default, the Name of a DT Pro/Office database displayed in its view windows is the name given to the database file. But you may change the name displayed in view windows by choosing File > Database Properties and changing the name displayed there. This will NOT change the filename displayed in the Finder.

  1. Will moving or renaming the database file in the Finder break the links to Index-captured external files? Generally, no, so long as those external files remain available in the location defined in their Paths.

Note, however, that if you move or change the name of an Index-linked Finder folder or file, that will break the database’s Path to that item and the database will no longer be able to access that item.