deleting databases

Hello altogether,

I’m usually a happy user of different devontechnologies products. Despite my satisfaction I have some problems with the interplay of devontinkpro and devontthink to go.
Is it possible to delete an already synced database on my ipad?
I have sometimes strange difficulties syncing specific databases (Altogether I’m working with around ten) between my ipad (1. gen.) and my macbookair (2. gen.).
devonthinktogo just quits while syncing/connecting to the macbookair.
I suppose, that some metadata are corrupt. Because the trouble starts when devonthinkpro shows, while trying to sync, that there are files to sync – and of course there are not so many files. So I wondered, whether it is possible to delete these specific problematic databeses (actually the inbox seems to be affected as well.

Does anybody knows, what I’m talking about and does anybody have a suggestion.

You can swipe from left-to-right across individual databases in the DEVONthink To Go home screen to delete them from your iPad. You can also go into your iPad’s Settings app, scroll down to the settings for DEVONthink To Go, and under the Troubleshooting section select the option to Reset at Start-up to On. This will wipe all the databases on the iPad at the next launch.

Wow that was easy. Thank you very much for this great tip. I probably missed the possibility to delete individual databases somewhere in the help-section.

Kind regards

This is interesting, I am also getting the very same message but after a clean install. I have also deleted all databases (3) but upon sync with DTPO I keep getting this message of ridiculously large number of files.

After a few seconds of waiting, this message is actually replace with one with a more reasonable number of files and the sync proceed and complete correctly. But on the next sync, the message appears once more and so on.