deleting duplicate e-mails

How do I delete duplicate e-mails?

And how do i prevent them from coming in? What about replicants?

I tried the apple script in the data sub-section. Did not work.


You could make a smartgroup that looks like this, and delete all but one of the duplicates of each email:

How are you importing email? File > Import > Email (Pro Office only) will avoid duplicates.

I guess you need to select all the files in the smartfolder then activate the script “Trash duplicate items”.

A question : is it possible to attach this script to the smartfolder for automatic processing?

Interesting question. I tried this - first, making a version of the “Duplicates to trash” script that has the correct syntax for a “trigger” script. “Trigger” scripts are ones that can be attached to a group.

Didn’t work.

a shame. it could be very useful in a whole lot of situations. It could even be a main feature of devonthink IMO.

Well, the delete-duplicates script, and the behavior of DTPO’s email import utility to not import duplicates, are already features. What’s the new feature?

The new feature is the automatic processing of items.
For example all mails containing the string “@@” are stripped of this and this then moved to another database automatically without intervention of the user.
Should I say the import mail feature should also sync without user intervention.

the import mail feature does import duplicates in my case, and it even takes so much time I could do faster copy and pasting the mails manually one after another (and it is not a lot exaggerated. I am fighting with the support team for more than 3 weeks sending crash reports, memory hog reports, and problems like taking 10 hours to index less than half of my hard drive).
Should I say the devonthink server doesn’t work either even when I access to it on the same computer for testing… I have yet to find a main feature that works as expected.
Maybe everything works well for some people but it is clear that it is not everyone.