deleting duplicates


i am not a newbie but also not a proficient database/DTP user

my main use of DTP to date has been a large repository of text files, pdf’s and weblocs.

my problem: i want to construct a database of vocabulary words and began doing so with FileMaker Pro 8.5 and a word processor. i compiled separate lists of words as text files and then imported them as .csv imports, understanding there were probably duplicates or words among the several lists. there were, and FMP has NO easy - i need easy - way of identifying duplicates and deleting ONLY ONE of the paired words. (“Delete Found Words” deletes BOTH words of pair)

so far i have only one field (“word”) and have not made a field for definition, etymology, et cet. i am not interesting in self-join or creating complicated scripts. i really do not want to upgrade to latest FMP since i do not need to do so for my limited database needs (all Scarlatti sonnets i own, et cet.) and am not sure newest FMP would help anyway.

can DTP help me?

thanks for any help

right now i am at a standstill or will have to delete manually each dup

mac os x 10.6.7