Deleting files in Finder after import to DTPro database

After importing files from Finder into the DTPro database - how can you set up DTPro to automatically delete these files in Finder? Or is it adviseable to have a copy of these files in Finder?

I’d suggest that automated file deletion is not a good idea. Import your files, make sure you have what you want and that nothing is corrupt, missing, etc., then delete from Finder. Whether it is advisable to keep the files in Finder or elsewhere depends on how critical and replaceable they are for you. There’s no easy rule of thumb on that, imho.

Thanks for the answer.

But anyway, is there a way for autamatic deletion of files in Finder after import do the DTP database?

Here is a link to an older script that may do what you want. It may not even work in DT 2.0, so you’d have to try it to see if it will do what you want. I expect that interest in auto deletion is not very high, for the reasons given in this thread and the thread provided in the link.