deleting files without the dialog

Is there a way to delete a file from DT without invoking the dialog box? I’ve tried option-delete and all of the other usual key combinations (I think) to no avail.

I imagine that deletion of database files takes the dialog box route as a precautionary measure. The easier and quicker it is to delete something, then the easier it is to delete something unintentionally.


I agree, and most good applications set that as the default. However, many of them also allow the default to be turned off.

I move documents in and out of DT with some frequency, and so I do a lot of deleting. Constantly having to dismiss the dialog box wastes time, and I’m willing to risk an occasional accidental deletion.

At the moment DEVONthink skips this dialog only if you’re deleting empty groups. Maybe we’ll add an option to the next release.

Do you mean files that have been copied into DT which (by default) are in  ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink/Files ?  I’m trying to understand how DT manages data directly in its DEVONthink-?.database files vs. in its …/Files support directory vs. external references.

By the way, is …/Files a flat storage directory or will a hierarchy be automatically created under it?  Normally I’ll only want DT’s view of what’s in there (like how I don’t want to be concerned where iTunes or iPhoto store files) but if there’s some reason to manually dredge through the contents it would be easier if it were a hierarchy once it contains a larger number of files (again, similar to what iTunes and iPhoto do).  Is that reasonable?

Currently the folder Files is a flat directory - no sub folders.