Deleting Global Inbox on iOS

The only database I have on DTTG 3 is the Global Inbox which was imported from version 2.

I think this Global Inbox only partially synced under DTTG 2 and may be corrupt.

I would like to simply delete the entire Global Inbox as it exists in iOS and then start from scratch and sync to my DT3 data.

I cannot figure out how to delete the global inbox - swiping does not work. I think this may be a permanent database that cannot be deleted. But if I delete individual items, then those deletions might sync to my desktop.

Is there a way around this?

Do I need to delete the DTTG app entirely so it deletes the local data and then re-install the app again? Or is there an easier way to get DTTG 3 synced up with. DT3.

You cannot delete the Global Inbox in DEVONthink To Go as yes, it is a core component of the application.

Leave 2.7.9 installed for the time being, then delete and reinstall 3.0. Then import from the sync location again.

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