Deleting highlights

I can’t work out how to delete highlights in the current DTTG. I don’t mean cancelling an operation, but going back and deleting a highlight. Any advice welcome, thanks.

I assume you are using an iPad *(as you didn’t specify it)_.
There is a bug with the popup menu in PDFs under investigation. It is only affecting DEVONthink To Go on the iPad, not the iPhone.

Under normal circumstances, there is a Trash icon in the popup menu of a selection.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

With the latest update, I’ve also lost the ability to change the colors of existing highlights in DTTG on the iPad. I’m guessing these issues are related (i.e., no popup menu when selecting an existing highlight).

Yes, indeed. We are working on a maintenance release to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding.