Deleting items in a smart group/folder


I’ve defined a smart group. In this group are displayed some items as duplicates and triplicates. I would like to ctrl+click the duplicates and triplicates in order to delete them. But obviously it’s not possible to delete these items as expetcted. But it’s possible to drag them into the trash can.

What’s the reason for this behaviour? I would like to delete the items by ctrl+click or at least by aktivating them and clicking onto the delete icon.

Kind regards, Friedrich

I don’t know why the “delete icon” doesn’t work for this, but I do know that the “Delete” key will delete an item from a smart group. AFAIK, “control-clicking” anything doesn’t delete it, anywhere.

I don’t know if it is my particular setup or not… I delete items daily from smart groups, but I have to option-command-delete.

I’ve meant: When I hold the Ctrl key pushed and make a mouse click on an item, so in the appearing context menue should be an entry »delete item(s)«. But it isn’t. There is an entry »delete all instances«. But I do not want to delete all instances of the item, but only those of them which are activated.

That’s what I mean.