Deleting old backups in file package

At one time I had my Preferences: Backup: Archiving Keep up to … backups set to 2 and later changed this to 1.

Opening the file package with Show package contents reveals two Backup folders. The Backup folder’s modification date is recent and the Backup.0 folder has a modification date that is six months old.

Is it safe to manually remove this Backup.0 folder from the file package?



I think so. I’ve done it before with no problems. If you check the “Restore Backup,” the one you deleted is gone. Very seamless and well-done… nice for those of us who suddenly realize that their backups are filling up their hard drives…

Yes, that works.

Brief sermon: I recommend using DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive whenever significant changes have been made to the database. That can be invoked in a matter of seconds when I’m taking a break. When I come back, my database has been verified and optimized and I’ve got current internal and external backups.

The external backup archive file is the smallest possible (contains no internal Backup folder, although they will be created in use) compressed and dated file. That external archive file can be saved to another computer or external medium and is protective in case of a hard drive failure or a lost or stolen laptop.