Deleting old Services

I just chose the Take Rich Note service from my old DevonThink service sub-menu by mistake instead of from the new DevonThink Pro submenu. Is there any way of removing the old services? I looked in System - Library - Services and User - System - Library - Services but couldn’t find the items I don’t need. Thanks for any advice!

Just deinstall DEVONthink Personal, log out and in again. Note: Using both DT Personal & Pro is not recommended (e.g. because the services use the same shortcuts).

If you want to keep DTPersonal you could also change the keyboard shortcuts or disable the DTPersonal Services Menu by using Service Scrubber or manually edit the NSServices and NSKeyEquivalent entrys of DTPersonals info.plist file using the “Property List Editor”

Thanks for the advice. I went the simple route and deinstalled the old DevonThink.