Deleting Originals After Import?

When a document, including a video, is imported into DevonThink is it actually moved so that the original can be deleted or does it just reference or link to the original?

Imported documents are actually copied to the database, are stored as individual files inside the database (as .doc, .xls, .pdf, and so forth), and the original is left where it was. Indexed files are links to the originals.

Thank very much!

Okay, so if I want to leave the originals where they are, then I just “index” them.

Here’s a wrinkle

I keep my originals in Dropbox. So far, 2 weeks into using DTP, all is good. The database has synced well with Dropbox across the two machines, but I have only used it with a single file folder on Dropbox, so when I’ve “imported,” it has actually been making duplicates to store in the DTB database. So in effect, the database stored in Dropbox is just being read by the two machines.

If I index to folders on Dropbox on iMac 1, will the DTB indexed database on iMac 2 be able to access the images, or is the “link” lost because I’m now on a different machine with a different root drive label?

My real goal is to not to have to recreate and duplicate a new massive database. My original document database is 12GB.

Follow up…

I think what concerns me is having my documents stored in a database that can only be read or accessed by Devon.

There’s been a lot of dialog on this forum about Dropbox, and scenarios similar to yours. If you haven’t searched and browsed the forum for those threads, it might be a good idea.

I did. That’s how I found this thread and why I appended here rather than starting a new one. Thanks for the suggestion though.