Deleting tags in DT

I got un unpleasant surprise this morning. :frowning:

I found a lot of valuable documents sitting in the DT trash can. :blush:
I was able to recover these documents this time, but I’m not sure if I have accidentally emptied the trash can with valuable documents in it, in the past.

The problem was caused by deleting tags. In the Mac environment deleting a tag is without consequence for the file location.

However in DT all the tagged files are send directly to the trash :exclamation: :cry:

Makes me afraid to even touch DT anymore. What would be the correct way to delete a tag?
And are there more dangers / behaviour changes waiting when you switch from the Mac environment to DT?

I’m thinking about exporting all my information from DT to the Mac environment. I need total control over my documents. Maybe this program just isn’t for me. Any advice would be welcome!


I think I deleted a folder with replicants (not a tag, sorry about that one.)

But anyway, my confusion was caused by strange behaviour of the DT search engine.

Instead of showing the replicant that sits in the folder in DT where I want it to sit, the search only showed the replicant that was sitting in the trash can and not marking it in red! This made me believe there was only one version of the document and that it was about to be deleted.


Sorry about the confusion, but I definitely deleted tags (not folders). When you recover a tag from the trash, DT strangely converts it into a folder with a replicant in it, that’s why I was confused.

When you delete a tag, the trash can shows the tag with all the tagged documents. It seems that you are deleting the document, but it is only the tag.

As I said, it would help if the DT search engine would direct you to the not deleted document in the DT database, instead of not showing this “original” document and showing the document that apparently sits in the trash can instead.

Is there a way to avoid DT searching in the trash can? That might solve the issue, not sure however, because I just don’t understand why the search shows the trashed tag version instead of the “original” document…

No way that I know of-searching the entire database includes a search of the trash.

The only time that I have seen the behavior that you are describing is when a user has created documents directly in a Tag group, then replicated the document to another location in the database, and finally at some point deleted the Tag group. I don’t know if that is possible in your situation, but it might be worthwhile to experiment with new documents and new tags, and see what happens. I’d also check to see if it happens in different databases, and also verify that the database(s) is/are not damaged.

Thanks. Might be an idea for future improvements.

Not in my case. The document was created in a folder and tagged later.

Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 0 missing…

Maybe I will experiment a little-bit this weekend, if I find the time. Not a fan of investing too much time in experimenting with software though. I’m a customer/user, not a developer. I use this kind of software with the hope that it will save me time.

THANK YOU very much for your time and consideration :smiley:

The search behaviour of DT keeps causing me problems.

This morning I searched a document. The search shows me the document. It is sitting in the Trash between a bunch of replicants. All marked in red as a replicant.

I thought OMG,… how can that document be trashed if it is the only document there is , because it is the only-one that showed up in the search results? Wait, it is a replicant however…so it should also be in another location, but where??? It doesn’t show up after a search.

A replicant smart folder shows the document, but only the trash location…of no help…

A long manual search however showed me finally the ‘original’ document. Only when I got the trashed replicant out of the trash can and trashed it once again, the search engine started to show this ‘original’ document.

It’s the second time that the alarm bells ring for no reason. The problem is that the search engine shows trashed replicants and not the original replicant.

Is there any way to improve this behaviour?

After moving the “original” replicant to another location, the version that sits in the trash can begins to show-up once again in the search results, completely denying the replicant that’s not in the trash.

So far the only solution I found is constantly emptying the trashcan to avoid the problem.

It appears you are describing abnormal behavior if you have replicants spontaneously appearing in the Trash. If this is indeed the case, please start a Support Ticket.

Hi Jim,

It’s not that they are accidentally appearing in the trash.

The problem is that the search-engine only shows the replicants that are sitting in the trash and doesn’t show the replicants that are stored in the normal folder structure until I empty the trash can.

Do you want me to send a support-ticket?

I can’t replicate this behavior in DTPO 2.9.12 on macOS 10.12.5. Have you done a Tools > Rebuild Database? You can use File > Export > Database Archive first, if it makes you feel comfortable.

No, I hadn’t. I’m doing a rebuild right now and will give it a try. Thanks!

Did the rebuild and installed today’s update.

It is now the other way around.

Search is showing the “original” replicant and now doesn’t show the trashed replicant anymore.
Strange, because I thought DT should show them both?

Anyway, this behaviour is preferable above the search showing only the trashed replicant, of coarse.