Deleting the "Evernote" group

Hi folks -

I’ve just moved a bunch of data out of Evernote into Devonthink on my Mac. I also had data in some other apps and imported that to additional databases.

Now that I’ve combined and streamlined the info, I have an empty “Special” group called Evernote that I can’t delete on iOS. On my desktop machines, I was able to remove it, but I can not seem to do so on iOS.

Is there an easy way to do this? Or should I make a new database on my desktop, move everything except that empty “special” Evernote group, and call it a day?

Thanks for any suggestions!


And the group is not removed on iOS after synchronizing the databases?

No, it persists in spite of being gone on the Macs.

I’m using iCloud sync, and finding that everything syncs well (though big changes take a while to propagate), but that sometimes emptied groups deleted on MacOS don’t delete on iOS. The Evernote group just has special status.

Currently, DEVONthink To Go blocks deleting all “special groups”. We will adjust its behavior here so that they can be deleted.

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Thanks for the fix for this in the latest DTTG!

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