Deleting Unused Tags

Hi. I own Devonthink Pro. I have some tags that aren’t being used and I’d like to delete them from my database. However, I can’t figure out how. Can someone be kind enough to provide instructions? Thanks!

Within the Tags group, select and delete the ones you no longer want.

Okay, I’m not sure I understood you. But I viewed my database in tags view (“as Tags”) and selected the tag that had no item associated with it. I then chose “Move All Instances to Trash.” When I looked in the Trash, there was an empty folder with that tag’s name. Then I deleted the folder and the tag disappeared.

Somewhat related: when I view my database as Tags, some tags are blue and some are gray. What do the different colors mean?


Your database contains a Tags group. The tags you have created are displayed as subgroups within it. You can select and delete tags here.

The two colors of tags displayed in the Tags view indicate that you have unchecked the option to exclude groups from tagging in Database Properties. Therefore, groups are displayed as gray tags. The blue tags are those you created as tags.