deleting unwanted databases

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but I can’t seem to complete the simple task of deleting an unwanted database. I recently got DTP, and in experimenting with it, I created several databases. I no longer want these now that I have figured out how I want to organize my materials. I can delete content within the database, but not the database altogether. I even deleted the files from my Finder, but they still show up in my “recent databases” and I can still open them, even though they aren’t searchable with Spotlight. Help? Thanks!

Like many Cocoa applications, even when a file is in the Trash it still shows in the Recents. Once you empty your Trash they will disappear completely.

ah, yes. Thank you. I kept emptying my DTP trash thinking that would do the trick, but not the trash for my MacBook. Got it.