Deletion of variable data in the name

Hello, I have many files whose names I started with the creation date (format: “YYYY-MM-DD_”). I now want to reverse this with a rule. Unfortunately, my knowledge doesn’t extend to this. Can you help me?

You can use a smart rule with Scan name and a regular expression like
^\d{4}-\d\d-\d\d_(.*)$ and then in the “Name” action set the name to \1.
That will remove the date and the underline from the beginning of the name. You should test it with a copy of your file(s) first!

I don’t know if that is what you mean with “reverse this”, though.

Much simpler with a strictly conforming name…


Tools > Batch Process


While a smart rule could be employed – and use the same actions – it would only be necessary if this is a process that would need to be repeated in the future in a more automated fashion.

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I use an applescript when I decide to change my naming standard

Thank you very much, your tip (Bluefrog) worked great!

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You’re very welcome and now you have another tool in your toolbox! :slight_smile: