Delimiter for CSV file changes after editing


Happy user for the last year+ and just discovered how DEVONthink displays a nicely formatted document for an imported CSV file. One of the things I love about DT – a ton of features just waiting for my workflow to expand and catch up to them :smiley:

For this use case the fact that I can edit a CSV file within DT is great but I saw that when I subsequently opened an edited file in an external editor, the delimiter had changed from a comma to a semi-colon. I’m sure I can add some automation around this if needed, but I was wondering if there’s a setting I’ve missed so that the delimiter isn’t modified? Or is this just the way the CSV is handled as a “Sheet” when it’s edited?

Thank you!


There’s currently no option to change the delimiter used by DEVONthink. Does the change actually cause any issues, e.g. in certain apps?

In this scenario I am maintaining CSV files that I need to update weekly and send to another group for import into their system until their automation kicks in. They were wondering why I had changed the delimiter since I hadn’t checked the file before sending it over after discovering the nice editing feature :smiley:

I’m guessing on their side it worked ok, or at least they didn’t complain about needing to change it back to CSV before importing so probably all good in this case and it’s good to know for future work.