Deplete original files when synchronizing

I imported a folder of PDf files and chose to keep the files at their original place and not to include them into any DT folder. When chosing to synchronize the folder in DT changed documents are synchronized, new files are imported but original files which were depleted in the original folder are still included in DT. How can this be changed?
Maybe this has something do to with another thing I observed. When deleting a document in DT I can chose to deplete the document in DT only or also the file. However when selecting to deplete the file too the original file is not depleted.
I’m using DT1.9a PE .

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As there were some bugs related to synchronizing in v1.9(a), I’d suggest to use the latest release (v1.9.1). However, synchronizing doesn’t delete anything at the moment, it adds new files/folders and updates existing contents/groups if necessary.