Design refresh for DEVONthink 3

I’m new user of DEVONthink on both the Mac and iOS. I’m a great fan of both apps, however the Mac version is showing its age compared to the modern iOS version.

Are there plans to refresh the design for version 3 of the Mac app to be similar to the iOS version?

We have plans to refresh the design for version 3.0, yes.

Yes, as Eric said, design changes are coming for the next generation of DEVONthink for Mac.

But don’t forget that Mac OS is much more powerful than iOS, just as current Macs are far more powerful than current iOS devices.

Although I love the ability to sync some of my Mac DEVONthink databases to my iOS devices, most of my workflows in the Mac environment are not possible in the IOS environment. In the eternal contest between form and function, DEVONthink iOS currently leads in form. But DEVONthink Mac is far ahead in functionality. Modernity isn’t everything. :slight_smile:

I am happy with the layout of DTPO right now.

I like DTTG as well but for me the functionality is more important then the actual layout.

Maybe it is the fact that when I finally learned to work with DevonThink I do not want it to change! :wink:

Thank you for confirming about version 3 — I’ll look forward to the release. I absolutely agree that it’s important not to compromise DEVONthink’s superb functionality.

Spot on! As I tell my wife, functionality over looks every time. :smiley:

@Allsop: Ahhh… that explains your black eye and broken leg. :wink: :mrgreen:


Very glad to hear this - there is some kind of visual accessibility issue with the interface as it stands.

I work with / for my lawyer wife who is dyslexic, and she simply will not countenance using DTPO due to the interface. (If I could analyse this in a way which might be useful to you, I would!). This means that our “live matters” database is indexed rather than a native DTPO db - a kludge of the first order so that she can access the papers in Dropbox using Path Finder / Finder (Finder!!!). It also means she is shut out from using DTTGo on an iPad.

I don’t understand what you mean by this. Do you consider indexing a kludge? Or something else? Are you saying that by indexing from Dropbox, she can’t use DTTG? I index from Dropbox and use both Mac and iOS devices to access the DT data. Or are you only referring to the usability of the DT interface?

Thanks pvonk for making me think a bit harder - and apologies that this is in danger of turning into a thread hijack - especially if what follows throws up misunderstandings on my part.

Indexing certainly has its uses - my difficulties arise from having to use a mix of indexed and “native” dbs. If I want to process a “Live Matters” file (typically to organise a 50-200 page pdf by dividing it up and renaming the constituent parts), I have to remember to import the file before dicing and slicing, then export the output. Likewise if I need to copy a file and then move a copy into another db. Such extra steps are exactly what makes for clerical errors - hence the term “kludge”.

It’s not a recipe for confidence that some document or other will never get lost partly or entirely, and is in stark contrast to the beautiful thing that DT sync has become.

This is where I may be out of date: my understanding is that DTTG still only works with native, not indexed data.

Moving back to design - we’ve just started to use Daylight CRM. The boss’ enthusiasm for and preparedness to learn and experiment with this (excellent) tool is, I am certain, largely down to the appearance of the interface, and stands in marked contrast to her dogged resistance to most of the tech I’ve tried on her over the years.

What would you therefore change in the design of DEVONthink or DTTG? (The topic of this thread.) This seems to be a workflow related to your particular circumstances, which I respect, and not something that is probably very common. But is there a suggestion?

Indexed contents are synced if that setting is chosen in the setup for a given sync store in Preferences > Sync

Hi korm

As a pooter-loving, keystroke embracing, non-dyslexic, I’ve struggled to grasp both the nature and depth of a dyslexic’s difficulties, and I suggest that if you plan to incorporate “UI accessibility for dyslexics” into your design plans, you may benefit from some specialist advice.

The only observation I can bring (& for all I know, different dyslexics may have very different issues), is that a simple and uncrowded background is easier to process than visual clutter / busy-ness. Using apps as examples, the “white space look” of Daylite & Omnioutliner 4 is loved, the density of Mailmate & DT Pro is not loved.

Again - I apologise how my original comments, which were intended to explain why I welcome a potential UI refresh, have intruded on this thread. I’ll pursue your comment about syncing in the appropriate forum.

I may be misunderstanding this (and also contributing to an ongoing thread hijack), but when I use DTTG with indexed documents, I can get the files fine on both iPad and iPhone.

I use this feature a lot - it’s my preferred method for carrying necessary files with me.

Korm set me straight that there is a way to get DTTG to work with indexed data…

ETA on 3.0?

Sorry, but we don’t give out timeframes on development. Announcements will be made when information is available. Cheers!