"Desktop and Documents" Files

Hi !
I understood that you should not put your database on a cloud. But what remains obscure for me is to know if it is possible to have my database in the right place and index my folders and files that are in the folder (“Desktop and) Documents” of iCloud Drive? I have read here and there contradictory (or unclear) things about this.

The idea is to be able to benefit from all the DevonThink functions, to keep a folder structure within the finder, and to keep access to my data outside my computer, while avoiding having to set up the synchronization (which I must admit I don’t understand much about (!) and seems quite complicated).
Thanks for your help!

If I understand you correctly, you are asking whether you can

  • put (and keep) the database on the local disk and
  • index the contents of a cloud location

If I have understood the question correctly, then the answer is “yes, you can!”

Thank you very much for this quick and clear answer!
I’ll probably start over like this, and try to explore and understand the synchronicity in a second step.