Desperate : importing from Pro to Personal

I have been using the Pro beta followed by 1.0.0 version of Devonthink till now. Now I need to purchase this to continue using it. However I would like to purchase the Personal version since the personal version has all I need. But is there a way to transfer my data from Pro to Personal cleanly ? I cannot open Pro anymore now, and I tried to open the Pro database through finder and terminal (after moving the data from the dtbase package that Pro creates). No luck so far…

Can someone please help ??

Thanks in advance…

You could either…

  1. create a copy of your DEVONthink Pro database
  2. remove the file extension (.dtBase) and rename the copy to “DEVONthink”
  3. move the copy named “DEVONthink” to the folder ~/Library/Application Support
  4. Launch DEVONthink Personal
  5. If your Pro database contains sheets/records, then delete them immediately in DEVONthink Personal

…or send an email to us and request a demo license for Pro (valid for another 30 days).

Thanks Chris…I would love to test this out for another 30 days so I can smoothen the transition between Personal and Pro.