desperation! Lost my database

I decided to do a version update today, checked my version, it showed 1.9.7. Downloaded Devonthink personal latest version and moved to application folder (first moving the original somewhere else). when I opened it, it was in chaos, with thousands of unsorted notes and many of my most recent ones missing. I tried opening the original application and it gives an error message, public beta expired, please visit upgrate page.

A search of my hard drive for Devon reveals many files in Library/Caches/Metadata/Devonthink 2, but none more recent than August 27, 2009!

I am desperate to recover the data for deadlines today. Is it backed up somewhere by Devonthink? Can I get the original version running again somehow? Trick the new version into finding the original files?

Is it possible that it chose to erase the more recent files? Are they hidden somewhere?

To say this is a major loss is an understatement. I was on the road for 2 weeks so my Time Machine backup is that old, and a HUGE amount of work was done in the meantime.

Thank you all very much for any advice.

Macbook 5,2