I’ve been trying to do what I thought was a very simple thing for weeks now: to work from one database across multiple devices. I have a iMac desktop, and Macbook and need to be able to work from both. I tried first to use the sync plug-in using my Dropbox, as advised (NB my database was not stored in DB). It didn’t work, just hung and hung. Jim from DT advised me instead to keep my database on a USB, then use the USB to work between computers. I have done that. Now when I open the database on my USB, it is extremely slow, it hangs, it stops responding. It’s taking a minute at least to transfer one file even between groups in the database. I’m at my wits end.

I also don’t like the security of keeping my precious database on a USB. I’ve copied it of course but I still don’t like carting around my master database.

I used DT for a previous book I wrote and liked it, but this time round it is causing me headaches. Why?

I’ve tried to attach the crash report as a txt and doc file, but this won’t let me.

Actually, my suggestion was to use the USB drive as a temporary transport mechanism but to have the database still local on each machine.

I would suggest using a Thunderbolt-drive to store a copy of the database; one of your Macs should contain the master and be synced with the drive each time it is connected (there is plenty of software which does this automatically for you). This setup has worked for me for about 10 years now (working on three different machines).

Hope this helps.


Could you elaborate on why there is a need for an external drive for the copy? Are the other macs syncing with the copy? Can’t the master sync with each other mac directly?

I’m trying to figure out the best setup for me and so am eager to understand the finer points of this issue.



It depends on your set-up. As far as I know (I have never tried), the macs could sync directly, but not in my case, as I work from three machines (one at home, one at the office, one on travel). Carrying a copy of my main database (> 30 GB) on a mobile HD has proven a reliable and easy solution for me.