Detection & Auto-Setup of scanner (ScanSnap)

I foolishly chose the “Do not show this window again” when DTPO detected my ScanSnap and offered to set it up for me.

Days laterr when I finally got down to business, I realize ScanSnap Manager is sending scans to two places - to it’s own Save To directory as well as to DTPO - I wish I could go back and have DTPO do that auto-setup for me.

But how do I invoke DTPO’s scanner auto-setup?

That’s normal behavior. But you can set DT Pro Office Preferences > OCR to delete the “original” PDF resulting from the scan. Thereafter, the image-only PDF will be moved to the Trash, and the searchable PDF will be stored in your database.

Bill is correct but to answer the original question: the online help has instructions on how to make that panel reappear again.

Thanks, guys. I had wondered if I missed a trick by skipping the easy way. :mrgreen: