Determine DT group from Finder?


When editing a file controlled by DTP in an external application, is there a way to “jump back” to the DTP group the file belongs to?

In my job as a researcher, I currently find myself taking care of financial aspects of a third-party funded research project. This involves sending around and revising a couple of excel files.

I need to keep the old versions of these excel files around in order to revise changes others may have made to them (and, if necessary, revert some of these changes).

For each iteration, I created a dedicated group with a meaningful name in DTP. Each group contains a specific version of the same excel file.

When I open several of these files in Excel, I loose the information to which group the files belong. Since they all have the same file name, the group is the only means to distinguish them. If they resided in regular file system folders, I could right click on the icon in the top of the window and see the folder name. Since they are controlled by DTP, however, all I can see is the internal file structure of the DTP database which doesn’t help much.

Is there some link back to the DTP group, even if the file is opened in an external application?

I know I could temporarily add this information to the file itself and remove it before sending it (or just temporarily rename the file), but I thought this question might be of general interest.

Thanks in advance!


I cannot imagine doing what you are doing without date & time stamping as part the file name. That’s the only way I can keep track of different versions of a document, especially when I am collaborating with others who are also making edits to the documents.

The only other suggestion that I can think of right now is to perhaps index these documents instead of importing them. You can use the click on the icon in the toolbar trick to see the source of the document.

Thanks for clarifying, Greg.

Renaming is probably the best way to go and might be of use to the people I collaborate with as well.

Thanks and have a great day.

  • Ralph