determining location of a duplicate or replicate file

I just dragged a bunch of files from an old “shoebox” folder onto my DTPO database’s Inbox, and many of them show up as either dark or light blue (indicating that they are duplicates or replicants). I’d like to highlight these extras and locate where the older file that it’s a duplicate of is residing (ie which DTPO group it’s in). I’ve tried looked in all the menu items as well as the Help but haven’t seen quite how to do this.

Any tips would be really appreciated.



If you bring up the info panel (command-shift-i), the bottom of the panel shows you the location of all duplicates and replicants.

Good grief. I didn’t think of looking for alternate (shifted) items.

Thanks for your quick response.


One thing, though, is that I select a blue duplicate in my “to sort” (from the shoebox) group, it does show that there is a duplicate and it shows the current location, which I want to eliminate once I verify that the older duplicate has been sorted into an appropriate group. That’s fine. But how do I see where the duplicate resides? At present the only way for me is to click the duplicate and then I’ve been teleported to the duplicate’s enclosing folder. The I have to scroll the groups down to my “to sort” group to begin again.

Is there any other way to easily see where the duplicates are without jumping to their group?

Jump to the duplicate’s group, then click on that duplicate in the Info panel and you will be teleported back to the original location in your ‘to sort’ group.

@ Greg_Jones: Thanks. Again, so simple. :smiley: