Determining whether a group is a "user tag" or not?


I’ve been looking at obtaining all the user tags of a database record, and wonder how I can tell whether a “tag” is a user tag, as opposed to a group?

It looks like I have to look at the location property of the record, because the type of a parent record is “group” for both groups and user tags? So all user tags would have a location that contains “//Tags”?

Is there a better way of discriminating?

Thanks, Charles

Well, another workaround is something like…

	if parent 1 of theGroup is tags group of database of theGroup then
		display dialog "Yes"
		display dialog "No"
	end if

…but this should be indeed simplified by an upcoming release.

Thanks Christian!

I see also that for indexed databases that adding user tags while in DTPO automatically adds them to the file’s xattrs, but doesn’t add group names. Very nice!

Personal congratulations on the 2.0 release. I’ve been around Macs since the original with the team autographs inside, and I believe DTPO will always be regarded as one of the great applications for this computer.

Best wishes, Charles

While I haven’t been using macs for so long, I would agree that with its flexibility and versatility (due in no small measure to its applescriptability) and power, DT should be regarded as one of the showcases of what OS X can be made to do (or any mac os for all I know, I was on DOS and then Unices while that was going on). I definitely consider DT and its applescript support one of the main reasons I am using macs and not some other unix: the first couple of months after I started using it, I almost saw myself as a future-naut!

It still amazes me sometimes when I stop to think of it: with an investment of less than an hour, including debugging, I can now select some text in my browser, press cmd-ctrl-I, and it appears as a note in a particular place, in a particular database, with a relevant name and timestamp. And DT can immediately pop up a list of related notes! And I can also search through a few thousand pdfs and get back a list of hits with relevance ratings…

If you stop to think about it, this is just amazing.

(oh and I can map caps lock to ctrl via a gui!)

V2.0.3 will add a “tag type” property returning either no tag (no group or excluded from tagging), group tag (outside of Tags group) or ordinary tag (inside of Tags group)

Interesting… And “tag type” would be a property of what?

Best wishes, Charles

Of records.

Ah. So you’d have a a list of “tag types” to go with the list of tags?