Dev 2 question on tags not filtering correctly

I am still on Dev 2 but consider going to Dev3. However, I am having an issue in Dev 2:

I am tagging a History DB with nested tags.
Example: “British History” is the umbrella tag and the nested sub tags under it are “Anglo-Saxon” and “Victorian”.

  1. British History
    1a) Anglo-Saxon
    1b) Victorian

All articles have the British History tag, some of them have additionally the sub tag Victorian, some have the sub tag Anglo-Saxon.

In the tag tree, when I click on “British History” I SHOULD get all articles that are tagged “British History” regardless of the subtags, correct?

However, some articles with subtags are not in the “British History” view. I checked and double checked. The missing articles have the British History tag as well as their subtags.

Why am I not seeing some of them when I click on “British History” in the tag tree?


No, only the “Tags” view works that way. The other views just show the actual structure of the tags hierarchy.