Developing a workflow for tagging items.

What I’d like to see:

Tagging for multiple items at once by typing the tag rather than drag-and-drop. Perhaps use the preview pane (when there is one) to show any files selected in icon view or mini previews, and just use the Tag Bar.

Tagging by keyboard should prefer the “Tags” auto-group thingy rather than pre-existing groups with subgroups that match the tag being attempted.

Tag view should condense identical named tags.

Tag view should provide some mechanism for seeing related tags. As it is now, it’s uncertain what tags will refine the selected files and what will return no intersection. Venn diagram, highlighting or dimming tags, or a web diagram would be nice to navigate from one file to another.

The ability to count Tags in List view or Smart Groups. I have a lot of images that I’m trying to sort, and I want all images to have at least X number of tags. Give me a way to find out which meet this criteria. I’ll give you bonus points if you can show which tags are inherited vs which are manually added.

There needs to be a means of not creating duplicates of replicants to the same destination. If I’ve already Tagged something X, drag-and-dropping it to the Tags/X folder with Command-Option held creates two copies. I can see that the item only gets tagged once with X, but if I changed my mind about the X tag, I really don’t want to fight the system in trying to remove it.

Auto suggestion of tags while typing should NOT change the case of my typing. If I have ONE tag that starts with a capital letter and that’s the first or the alphabetical top result, I spend quite a lot of time cursing auto-suggestion. My recommendation would be to only change the typed text if an item from the list is selected.

I like your suggestions, especially about auto-suggestion capitalization (one of my personal pet peeves). Since the tagging interface is not finished, I hope that some of these are implemented in the final version.

The Groups Window thingy fails to include the Tags auto-group. Fixing that might relieve some of my frustrations.

Right click a tag and give the option to show the group associated with that tag.

Means of entering the Tag Bar and returning to Icon/List/Column focus via the keyboard

Add a search option in Smart Groups for “Exclude from X” which will return groups that have Exclusions set.

That… Or just allow an option to ignore all “tags” assigned by groups NOT in the Tags folder.

The workflow that I have been experimenting with is tagging using Leap and then indexing the folders they reside in. Working in the opposite direction–exporting out of DTPO into a broader OpenMeta ecology–is just as seamless, though dragging files would be preferable to the menu option Files->Export->Files and Folders.