Devo Office feedback on imported mail...

I think the app is having problems displaying photos within imported emails. The photos are not showing at all or are disfigured.

I haven’t had any problems with photos in Apple Mail transferring to the database. I assume you are using DT Pro Office.

Which email client are you using? Do you know the file type of any images that are not transferred or don’t display properly? (You should be able to save images to your Desktop, and the Finder will tell you the file type.)

You may also want to check:

  1. In your email program if the photo attachments are visible and downloaded to your computer.
  2. Double-click or drag the images to the desktop and open them in Preview. Sometimes there can be issues with scaling images in an RTF document but the original files should be OK.

If all this indicates that you still have a problem, please contact us at