Is there a way to stop this from being placed at the end of a url?

" #devon_0 "

Or does it have something to do with it search capabilites?

When do you see that?

I’ve got hundreds of bookmarks in my database and they all show up as ‘normal’ URLs, i.e. the Web page address. If I export a bookmark to the Finder using File > Export > Files & Folders, the file name becomes the URL plus the extension .webloc.

If I open a Web page in the DT browser and use Edit > Copy URL to copy the URL to the clipboard, it pastes into TextEdit as the URL only, no added characters.

By the way, this week I moved to a log cabin in Brown County, Indiana - returning after an absence of 35 years. When I pulled into the driveway from Yellowwood Trail, there was a deer there. Nice touch – although the deer population is probably too big now.

That’s the anchor used to jump to the first occurrence.

Thanks for the help guys.

I’m not seeing that “phantom” anchor anymore so apparently it was removed in one of the two versions since BassHero’s original post? I don’t miss it since it was never clear to me how it might be useful.