Devon Agent crashing with Leopard

First off: thanks for providing such a useful tool. I purchased the Infoworker bundle a few days before Leopard was released. I’m looking forward to putting these tools to great use.

Unfortunately, I have also encountered a problem: DA constantly crashes with Leopard. This occurs whenever I click on search result links. Any idea when we will see a fix? Thanks,


An update to DEVONagent is being tested and will be released as soon as possible.

Great! Thanks for the responsiveness Bill. :smiley:

Almost all crash logs we’ve received are related to network issues of Leopard. Therefore the next release of Leopard might be necessary to fix the stability issues.

It’s not just Leopard - I have constant crashes under 10.4.10 as well. Whenever I double-click on a link, DA hangs itself up. I installed everything afresh, but this is a persistent problem. It all used to work, but I basically can’t use it anymore.

Do you use 1passwd?

Uh oh - YES!