Devon Agent not sending to DTP (sending to DT)

I’m new to the wonderful Devon products and I hope someone can assist me.

I first downloaded DT personal to test it out, then Agent.
Finally I downloaded DTPro and installed it in addition to DT. I moved my data over to open it in DTP.
But when I use DAgent, and try to save a page (e.g. web archive to Devon THink) it goes to DT instead of DT Pro.
I’ve then deleted DT from my computer.
Now when I archive a file from Agent, I see the DT Pro icon blikinkg, but no page appear in my inbox?

I’ve spent much time in all preferences and setting menues, but can’t figure out how to make it work.

Thank you for your assistance.

Did you log out and in again after removing DEVONthink Personal?

Yes I restarted my computer numerous times, but I don’t see any of the files sent from Agent into my inbox in DTP.
Other suggestions?
Do I need to delete and reinstall Agent?


Reinstalling DEVONthink Pro and restarting the computer should fix the problem.

This is still not working.
I’ve removed Devon Agent, then re-installed it, restarted my computer.

Then I’ve removed DTPro, re-installed it, restarted my computer. And it is still not working.

It looks like the 2 communicate though. Because when I right click on a webpage in Agent, and select “Add Web Archive to Devon Think”, a small red number 1 appears in the DTP icon which starts flashing. So that page must have landed somewhere in DTP.
After doing a search I realize that instead of landing in the inbox of the open database I have (like it was in DT) the new pages are landing into a different inbox under a Globals directory? How do I change this so that they arrive directly into the inbox of my open database?

Thank You

When in doubt, do a databses-wide search. :slight_smile:

Open DT Pro Preferences > General. Under the ‘Destination’ heading examine the option. One sends new content to the Global Inbox. One sends new content to the Inbox of the frontmost database. One allows you to select the database and group destination for new content.

Great, Thank you.