Devon Agent Search

I am having trouble searching for medical articles. I have tried to search my favorite journals as opposed to the generic Plug-ins. My searches do not seem to pick up much even when i know an article is there. I do not want lay articles unless they are from major sites (ie NYT). For now i have de-selected the plugins and tried only with journal url’s I entered. I am not getting much back.

When I enter the url ( ie into the site pane:
Do i need my password and username just to search or is it ok to just drag fro the Go menu?
Often the Sites pane will not accept a url but just beeps at me, when i click the "+’ button. Not sure if i am doing anything wrong.
I did a search for Lyme disease and in the topic pane i don’t even see the word Lyme though DA found a few references

Is there a better way to search selected sites?

Thanx much. Seems like a useful tool but i just can’t get it to perform the way i need it to.

Ron Goren MD

For optimum results you should create a plugin for these websites. You can check the online help for a tutorial on how to do this. Then when you’ve worked through it, take as an example an existing medical website plugin, and work from there.
The existing plugins can be found by selecting DEVONagent in the Finder, do a Control-click and select “Show Package Contents” in the menu. Then navigate to Contents > PlugIns > Medical and copy for instance “WebMD.plist” to it use as a starting point.
This way you will get optimum results after some finetuning. There are also hints regarding this process on this forum. Once you have something cobbled together you can always ask for help in the DA Scripting & Plugins section.

I have looked at the “WebMD.plist” and its Greek to me. Really, I have neither the time ot the knowledge to follow your instructions. Unfortunately as it is, DA returns data i cannot use.

Is there easier way to get exactly what i need? Furthermore, there is a bug in entering Sites. I have seen others compain about entering new urls.

Ron Goren