Devon Express and Postbox

I don’t see a way to get Devon Express to index and search mail retrieved by Postbox. It seems to only look inside the Mac Mail app storage. I thought I would just add the Postbox mail storage folder to the index folders for Devon Express, but Devon Express doesn’t let me add hidden folders, as far as I can tell.

You don’t need to add anything to DEVONsphere Express. If Postbox is set to allow Spotlight searching of email messages (in Preferences > General) then Spotlight readable files will be written out to a Cache folder.

Though I personally don’t use Postbox much any more, this works exactly as expected over here with the default settings of DEVONsphere and this one setting in Postbox.

(Sadly, this doesn’t work with Sparrow Mail since it doesn’t write out cache files for this purpose.)

Got it. Thanks. I see I already had that setting ticked and my Postbox hits were indeed present. However, those Postbox hits were grouped at the bottom of the list, with having its hits above the group of Postbox hits.

So my follow-up question is … can I somehow have Devon Express not index and search data? The problem I see here is that I can’t enter Mail’s storage folder onto the Avoid list in Devon Express because it’s hidden.

Use Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Mail when the dialog to select the location comes up

Perfect. That did the trick. Thanks!

My pleasure. Happy searching (or finding 8) )!