devon jot NOT

I LOVE Devon Jot. When it works. I’m on a mac, and I know you’re supposed to click in the upper left hand corner, but that doesn’t always work. I don’t always get the caret. clicking info and then turning it around sometimes works… It’s maddening. Has anybody figured out a way to make that potentially usefuly widget work consistently? the alternative is simply to call up stickies and save to Devon Think database.

I’m glad you like this widget, but unfortunately this uses a part of the WebKit that still could use some polishing. I will check from time to time if Apple has improved this situation, but that is all we can do for now.

as far as quick notes on-the-fly, i have found that using quicksilver with DTpro works much faster than even the JOT.

just call up QS, press the period key (.), jot in your note, press tab, and start writing “devonthink”…when choices from the devonthink group comes up, choose “take plain note”, or “append note”. if you do it enough times, once you type in “DT” it’ll just come up quickly.

I find this workflow much faster, as you can do it from absolutely anywhere.

Quicksilver looks fascinating, but right now I just want to get on with things. I’m keeping Text-Edit open as a jotter and then using the script to copy selection to the correct folder in the devon db.

What a great idea! Unforunately…

Can you help me with this? (I know that this isn’t the QS support forum.) When I tab from the text entry panel to the actions panel, I can’t invoke anything but generic actions that ship with QT, e.g. “search contents” “copy to clipboard” “create file,” etc. I can’t invoke the “devonthink group” you mention. Typing “Devonthink” doesn’t bring up this list of DT-specific actions. I’d really like it to!

It’s been a while since i installed QS, and I have no idea if this only works with DT Pro or also regular Dt, but…

call up QS, then cmd-comma (,) to get into the preferences of QS. Once there, from the list on the left, select “Actions”, then – in “All Actions” – scroll down until you see the actions related to DT. Make sure these are all checked, or at least the ones you’d like to use.

This is all I remember, and I might even be wrong. I know it works for me! :wink: Hope this is of some help.

Since QS is free, even if you only used this one feature of QS – which you won’t – it is incredibly useful along with DT. I was actually about to buy another note-taking piece of software for quick “on-the-fly” notes like phone numbers, messages, etc., that I could access universally from any application i was working in, without having to change windows or applications…but DT + QS really does it well.

Close enough! Based on your reply, I went poking around again in QT’s preferences, and found that I had a corrupted installation. Reinstalled, and voila. Thanks for the suggestion.

For those who haven’t tried it, Quicksilver is a free software utility that can add value in a lot of applications, such as providing a very handy alternate means of adding content to DT (and other actions, such as initiating a DA query).