Devon mail bundle disabled under Leopard

Throwing caution to the winds, I just had to install Leopard as soon as I got my hands on it this evening. So far so good–but when I opened Apple Mail I was told that the Devon mail bundle had been disabled (along with the http mail bundle used for Hotmail, etc). Importing Apple Mail still works, but I’ve lost the useful Mail menu item “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office”. I’m advised to contact Devon Technologies for a new version. Do we know anything about this?

Yes, Annard has been working on mail archiving fixes. Updates will be posted after testing.

I’ll hold off a bit before installing Leopard on my main working computer, but will install it when I receive it next week on a different and less critical computer.

Thanks Bill. I think that’s a wise choice to hold the Leopard in check for a week or two. Pity I didn’t think of that…

Oh well, you can enjoy playing with the fun features of Leopard. You can catch up with archiving mail messages later. :slight_smile:

But quit DT Pro and make a copy of your database(s) for safe-keeping just in case. Note: never make a Finder copy of an open database. Then you can see what else may go wrong with DT Pro – or work without problems. Apple didn’t provide developers with the final version of Leopard in advance. The last developer release was in September and the odds are high that there were subsequent changes.

Remember, DT Pro makes more varied calls to the OS than any other application I can think of – which increases the potential of having unexpected code pulled by an OS change.