Devon Office vs. Yep as a PDF organizer

I have thousands of PDFs from my research projects stored on my hard drive. I’ve been demoing “yep” ( - a program that acts (their words) as “an iphoto for PDFs.” It works pretty well, too. I’m wondering if anyone has compared Yep’s functionality to Devon’s - specifically as a way of finding PDFs on a storage system, then giving easy access to thumbnails as well as allowing tags or other identifiying info to be attached.

Are there any Devon “versions” or methods for doing this?



Yep is certainly slicker looking and has more eye candy than DTP.

I don’t think you can compare Yep’s search capabilities with Devon’s. The latter is far superior in my experience.

DTP doesn’t search the OS file system. It is an independent database that allows the user to search and locate information in a variety of ways, including “tags”, titles, content type etc.

Again, the visual wow factor isn’t there but the functionality is.


My primary use of DT Pro is exactly what you’re asking about. I use DT Pro for two things: storage of PDF’s, and long-term storage of my notes. DT is my library.

The thing you won’t find in other apps is the “see also” features; it can recommend other pdf’s, notes, or other files based on the content of the PDF you are looking at (for example). And while it’s no sci-fi brain, it has been helpful to me on numerous occassions, suggesting PDF articles I didn’t know had relevant passages to the topic at hand, or reminding me of notes I’d taken about the subject. Plus, DT allows for all types of text and title manipulation and organization, extended through the wonderful applescripts provided, that set it above all else I’ve come across.

I use both Yep and DTP. They are both very excellent tools and serve different purposes for me. Yep is very developmental at this moment, however keep your eyes on the next release. It is EXCELLENT. I am not able to discuss any of the features, etc. for this as I’m testing the software, however suffice it to say that it really eats the previous releases alive.