Devon Think 2.2 not working in Lion

I just upgraded to 10.7, and now funny things are happening in Devon Think Pro 2.2. First, DT constantly crashed when ever I tried to open my normal, everyday database. The crash would happen after it would give me the “this database was not properly closed last time” warning. After I clicked the don’t tell me again box, DT will open fine, but it will not open my regular database. There is no error message or anything. It just won’t open the file. Copying the database to another folder and re-opening it brings me back to the whole crashing on load cycle that got me here in the first place.

Has anyone run into this bug before and know a workaround?

Along the lines of the thread title, I too am having issues in 10.7

I’m trying to open folders (groups) and DTPO 2.2 seems to be non-respsonsive. Is it “re-indexing” something? Or are there issues with it in 10.7?

Could you please create a sample using Apple’s Activity Monitor while it’s frozen and send it to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!

Finally, you might try to delete the preferences.


Lion does, indeed, reindex your hard drive immediately after installation. … -features/

This means performance is sluggish for at least a couple hours after installation. This could be part of the issue.

Tom S.


That does seem to be the issue. Now that it’s indexed, things seem to be more ‘stable’ in DTPO 2.2