Devon Think after 90h of evaluation

Devon Think after 90h of evaluation

1- In previous message, I write : “interface is sometime confused”.
In fact, it is because ALL is included. (button, script, …). In production after tests, it is recommanded to CHOICE the necessary features and add comments in scripts.
It remain :
the icon of a smart group is not different from a group.

2 - the navigation (left/right arrow) can be confused with the navigation in group (next-previous doc).

3 - for rtf doc, DT use the popmenu “styles” from textedit than keep styles created in DT (special bg colors…)
(more than yellow highlight is possible)

4 - DT import Spotlight comment (but no synchro when modified in DT)

5 - Why “show info” feature is not accessible in contextual menu (only icon and menu).

6 - a rtf doc in DT - opened/edited in textedit and saved is not refreshed in DT ? - synchronisation ? This synchro is very important because DT is another very smart way to “see/manage” the contents of a HD… but perhaps I forgot something…

Authors are very reactive (rapid) (more by forum vs email)

In conclusion at this step:

If all features are confirmed during next hours, registering is planned after holidays and products can be planned to be included in a pro offer (including services for non programming users,…).


I’ll mention the possibility of some distinctive icon for smart groups, although I’m not sure that will change.

Yes, but a bit of practice gives familiarity. The standard symbols are used. A mistake can generally be reversed.

Highlight color can be changed using Format > Highlight Color.

This may change in version 2.0.

There’s a balance. Not everything should be shown in contextual menu options. Personally, I’ve sized windows so that the Info panel is always available with every document. See, “Modified Vertical Split.jpg”.

The primary purpose of DT Pro is to manage your information and “knowledge mine” it, rather than act as a Finder substitute. That said, it’s important to recognize that “Open With” is not the same as “Edit With”. If you open a RTF in TextEdit, edit it and Save it, the changes will be saved to a temporary folder, and the changes will not the reflected in your database. Instead, use Save As to save the edited document to the Finder, then import the changed version. Two-way synchronization is not supported in the current version.

However, this will change in version 2.0.

Thanks. But note that sometimes a number of emails come in to Support, some of which involve investigation. Once in a while, we have to sleep. :slight_smile:

A future release will use a dedicated icon for items with an attached script.