Devon Think an SYNC... a real howler

Nothing works. In the inbox there are old documents which have been moved to other databases long before. And in the other databases many documents are missing.
A good joke.
I will not pay any longer for DT to go.
Thank you.

I have to ask - have you come here to moan or to receive assistance? I’m quite sure both DT support and forum users will be happy to offer you support. If that is what you want, then for starters please provide more details, such as what type of sync you are using, to where, which other devices are involved and whether there are entries in the log. If you have not come for support, but only to provide the forum in general with details on your personal future financial policy, then thank you for your support to date, sorry to see you go.


Sorry, but I have spent hours with that annoying issue without success.
To be excited sometimes is human. If you feel hurt about that I am sorry. That was not my intention.

Don’t worry, I don’t feel hurt; I am simply unsure as to the point of your post. Without understanding the point, it is difficult for me to react usefully to it. Which led me to ask after the point - with a slightly facetious undertone, I’m happy to admit. Emotions, again.

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I have already responded in your support ticket. Have you read it and followed my suggestions?