Devon think Personal can no longer see my Canon LiDE 70

I am using Devonthink Personal 2.8.1 on OS X 10.10.

I do not know when this issue started but after April 2013 as that appears to be my last scan using the program. Basically Devonthink no longer see’s my Canon LiDE 70. I press image capture and it does not see it. File, import, scanner or camera and still nothing.

Outside of Devonthink and the scanner works.

Any ideas as I now have a lot of scanning to do for a book.


If you open the application called Image Capture, which can be found in the /Applications folder. Is your scanner listed in the Devices section on the left hand side?

Now why did I not think of that… it’s OK you do not need to answer that! :slight_smile:

No it is not listed. Well that would explain things. Any ideas how I can sort that out or have Apple dropped support for the scanner?

It would be worth downloading and installing the latest drivers for the device from the canon website.

Canon are very poor on support but I have just sorted it out. I installed this: … -maverick/

I could then use the last driver they made and it works.

When I bring up properties I can see a OCR tick box but I cannot seem to get it to work and not sure if it is any good on handwriting?