Devon Think plugin update was ousted by Apple Mail

I Installed the latest security update for Snow Leopard yesterday and Apple mail (4.6) then rejected the devon plugin for Apple Mail. I have Devon Think Pro Office on OS X 10.6.8.
When I reinstall it, Mail freezes for a whole minute after launching. I decided to remove the mail extension and everything is in order.

Related: the plugin is not compatible with 10.7.5, either.

We are trying to determine what Apple changed here. Please be patient while we investigate. Thank you.

Looks like all you need is a couple of new UUIDs to allow the plugin to load; I’m using it now, but don’t know if there are any compatibility issues.

We’ll look into that. I appreciate you keeping an eye open on it. 8^)

Same here,

the security update to OS X 10.6.8 (German) has disabled all Mail Plugins, including DEVONThink Mail Import Support. I am unable to reinstall the old Mail-Plugin. A mew build that will restore compatibility seems to be needed.


I just bought a Macbook Air and found the mail plugin was not working. It works fine on my iMac but I’ve had that on there forever.