Devon to go manual

Just purchased this. Is there a manual and if so where it.


No manual, other than the sparse help that is in the app itself (click on the ‘?’ on the home screen). Most of the app’s functions are intuitive although you may still need to ask some questions here.

Here is a follow-up with answers to the most common questions/problems I have noticed on the forum:

  1. The Global Inbox and the Mobile Sync groups are the only locations that sync-the Inbox of regular databases do not sync, nor can they be replicated to the Mobile Sync group.
  2. Smart Groups do not (yet) sync.
  3. The number on the DTTG badge icon represents the number of unread documents in the app.
  4. The GPS locator (arrow icon in the menu bar) will be active the entire time DTTG is running.
  5. It is not yet possible to move or delete documents that have synced from the Mac.
  6. Text documents created in DTTG can be deleted as long as they have not yet synced back to the Mac.
  7. Some documents, such as OmniOutliner files, will not display properly in DTTG due to iOS issues.
  8. Some RTF(D) documents cannot be edited in DTTG due to formatting considerations (DTTG will offer to make an editable copy).
  9. While sync reliability has improved greatly with the latest release, it is still advisable to chunk the initial sync. In other words, the initial sync should not include many GB of data from multiple databases-sync large databases one at a time.
  10. The search index is set in the Settings app for DTTG-use a lower KB setting for better performance of the app, a higher KB setting (or All) to search more/all of the document text.

Thanks so much Greg