DEVONagen Basics- Log not showing in results


I absolutely love the concept of DTA but have not been able to get it to work. The last update comments that Facebook Profile has been updated. So I have tried a person search using only the Facebook Plugin. The search was firstname lastname of a relative I know to be on FB. The results section shows only 1 result and it is the link to MY personal profile. The log section shows 5 entries. The first shows error “Links: 1 of 21”. The other 4 show error “Links: 0 of 21”. If I click on the log entry it gets me to the page I would have expected to show in the results section.

I am on a Mac Pro El Capitan using Safari. I have signed in for FB and LinkedIn both in the system preferences and in Safari. This is one example but I think it applies to LinkedIn as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Does it work after signing out or using a new, clean user account?

No, it doesn’t fix after signing out.


And does it work using a new, clean user account for testing?

Hi. Sorry for the delay I was out of town. No, it still doesn’t work.


Could you please post a screenshot of the log? Thanks!