DEVONagent 1.7 drawer causing crash?

Wasn’t sure what to call this subject. I’m using DA1.7 as my default browser under Tiger 10.4.1. Here is an apparent bug I’m experiencing: I have my bookmarks available in the drawer. Using a bookmark I go to a website I routinely read. I notice they have an RSS feed so I click on the icon in the upper left of the toolbar that brings up the feeds and check them out. I then click on the adjacent icon to bring my bookmarks back up in place of the RSS feeds. I click on another bookmark. DA pauses for a second and then crashes. Every time. I guess I’ve just never done this combination of selections before. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Interestingly, when I restart DA, it downloads the past program that I downloaded, even though I cleared the cache and history previously.



Please send this description and your DA crash log to DEVONtechnologies Support.