DEVONagent 2.beta4

I REALLY like the 2.0 DEVONagent app… seems much quicker at everything than V. 1.7 was on my system. I like the new ICON as well - very kewel! Haven’t had much time to thoroughly put it through its paces but I’m liking what I see so far. :slight_smile:

I like it, too.

Run a search, click on Digest, then select a topic. How about that? :slight_smile:


There is a visual map in the area above the text–what do the dot’s colors and the lines signify? I haven’t been able to find anything in the Help files, yet.



Visualization development has been fast-moving and so not yet documented. That’s why this is a beta.

I created a new search set in Tools > Edit Search Sets, basically a modified and renamed version of Internet (Fast Scan) with these changes: Follow links, 2 levels (“*” in follow links search query). A single plugin for PubMed was checked. I used a single-term query, “dioxin”. This search quickly yielded 394 search results.

This is the kind of search that really shows off the artificial intelligence features of DEVONagent 2.0, and especially the data visualization feature. Note that AI works best with a significant number of search results that have pretty clear contextual patterns that DA can analyze. This particular search is “one of those”.

Clicking on the Digest button reveals a topic list created by DA 2.0. Now click on a topic, e.g., Dioxin, and DA 2.0 displays a graphic display with “Dioxin” at the center. Note that the text summaries below the graphical area highlight the term, dioxin. You will see a “web” of bubbles with connecting lines. Four colors are used: black (central term), red (shifted emphasis of center), orange and blue.

Play with the display. Clicking on a peripheral bubble once displays darker lines connected to the most related bubbles. Double-clicking that same peripheral bubble shifts it to the center, making it the hub of a new web display. And the summaries in the text panel change to reflect the new, highlighted “query” triggered by clicking on a bubble.

This can be a fantastic way of exploring the relationships between terms and documents in the search results. As always, the user is responsible for understanding the topic and for evaluating the potential value of the suggestions presented by DA 2.0.

Documentation will come down the line (and I hope we can keep the documentation current with the development of new features).

But I would encourage you to “play” with the visualization features. Depending on the search results, the terminology used in the search results, and your knowledge of the topic (especially the latter), you may find visualization genuinely useful in exploring the literature of a topic.

When you’ve played with the visualization features sufficiently, please feel free to submit comments and suggestions.

Thanks, Bill.
I tried to follow your example closely and came up with only about 100 pages to explore. Not a big deal since I don’t understand dioxins and how they relate to all those other things, anyway. So I tried another search and will take your advice to play around and note the relationships.

(still looking forward to the docs though!)

I’ve been playing with the DA 2 beta, I like it very much, but can’t make it my webrowser until I can add and edit bookmarks from DA.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I can’t get the “show objects” drawer to show anything.

The particular website was

I tried the same thing with v 1.7 and it worked fine.

It works for me, however I am using a later version of the beta-not sure if that makes a difference. Have you selected “All links” in the scanner? It looks like all the links on the page are to other Web pages (at least that is what I get).

I was using whatever the available beta release on the download page is. i did have all links chosen.

I just downloaded the public beta and tried the URL you gave and it works fine for me. I wonder if it would help if you empty DA’s cache (DEVONagent>Empty Cache).

hmmm. okay I’ll try the cache clean up and see how it goes.

There’s a rare glitch in beta 4, the next public beta coming til the end of the month will fix this.